Benoquin NYC New York NY

If you have truly extensive vitiligo and feel that it is so disfiguring that total eradication of your pigment would be warrented, Benoquin 20% cream ( Monobenzone) would work.

I suspect that this is the cream that Michael Jackson used to remove his pigment. He then probably covered his skin with Vitadye ( or a similar agent) to give it some color.

This is a very tricky to compound to use and should ONLY be used if you desire total pigment destruction. It may migrate and destroy pigment in areas not intended. It is not meant to treat melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigines, etc.

The company that makes it, in fact, had so many law suits when Benoquin was not employed properly, that you must write a letter and fill out a form to obtain it.

The effects are permanent so be sure that this is the way you want to go. The few times I have used it on patients the results are quite dramatic.